5 Tips for Making a Family Photo Album

five simple tips for creating a family photo album

I have thousands. Thousands of digital photos on my computer and 2,085 on my Iphone camera roll (just checked!). And until last year I have not been great at making photo albums. But you know what? They are really special to our kids. And I love to look back at pictures too.

So below I am sharing a few tips for how to translate all those digital photos to a little book without loosing your mind!

1. Skip the text

I spent years working on the yearbook staff in high school. Text is SO time consuming, both with writing and proofing. Just skip it and let the pictures do the talking!

2. Organize the photos in a way that makes sense to you

For this photo album I simply went through the seasons. Pictures of snow came before the beach pictures, but I didn't stress about dates or being overly specific. But organize in a way that makes sense to you and simplifies going through all the old iPhone photos.

five simple tips for creating a family photo album

3. Mix in a few still life photos

Family picture after family picture can make the album feel busy, so consider throwing in a few still life shots. If you were in the mountains: share a photo of the sunrise that morning. It adds some style to the album and you will still have plenty of room to share family pictures too!

4. Don't skip the mundane days

Life is made up of a lot of non-vacation days. Last summer we didn't do anything particuarly exciting but we did do a lot of "stay-cation" activities like mini golf and laser tag. Moments like a lemonade stand are really special, even though they are in your front yard.

five simple tips for creating a family photo album

5. Share with others!

When I printed this album I printed 3 copies, and shared two with the grandparents. The books are small (5.5x5.5") so they can keep them in their purse or put it on their mantle.

Do you have any family album tips?