7 Reasons Why I love Snapchat


I was chatting with a few friends last night discussing classes we would teach (if we could). I was telling them how much I enjoy Snapchat and realized hey--that could be a blog post!

So, first to touch on the the topic of kids + apps. There will always be negativity around the web when new apps and programs are released, as we as a society navigate how to use new technology wisely. I know parents are worried about phones and Snapchat (when I was a teen the fear was over Instant Messenger and Myspace). We like to pretend that we lived in trees full-time as kids, but as a child of the 80s I remember spending time on the computer playing golf, flight simulator, and Riven (maybe I was just a nerd?). And I am pretty sure being a computer-adjusted kid helped me do well when I attended Georgia Tech. 

So I get it, I do! But the best thing I know to do is: learn the apps. Figure them out and enjoy them for what they are, and teach the kids how to use them wisely. And obviously monitor them. 

Okay. So, snapchat. There are a few reasons I am really digging it as a lifestyle blogger. 

1. Builds Brand Authenticity

Snapchat is a way of showing behind the scenes that Instagram used to be. Shopping for photo props, flowers, recipe making, or thrift store shopping. It is a lovely platform for showing video and photos without "overgramming." As a blogger if I share too many posts in one day on Instagram I loose followers. But the Snapchat followers I've gained so far have been very loyal (and patient!) when I share content.

2. Show a Sillier Side

I am a recovering overgrammer. Everyone has their tendency and I've really had to check myself when it comes to my Tag&Tibby brand. Snapchat gives me a chance to publish content without worrying about sharing too much. You can add text over images, add graphics, filter, speed up/slow down videos, and the selfie lenses are really fun.

3. More Personal

I feel more comfortable sharing a video of my family on Snapchat than I do on Twitter or my brand's Facebook page. And I can see who is watching the videos. Also, I admit to selfies with my dog. If you love to take 20 pictures of your cats a day it is a good place to share it.

4. Quality of photos+video doesn't matter as much

This is kind of huge for me. Natural light and good quality matters when it comes to editorial content. But 24/7 that is exhausting. I like that I can publish on snapchat and I might not be exactly centered. Its just less refined. And I kind of love that.

5. My kids get to play with the fun filters

Yup. They ask everyday if they can play on my Snapchat. 

6. Download the photos and videos you want to keep

This is kind of important (read point 7). Every once in a while I am able to reuse the content I shared on snapchat for instagram (like this one). 

7. It disappears after 24 hours

I also kind of like this. And no big deal if you don't publish anything for a few days. Some days I don't. I tend to publish more on the days I am working at home, it gives me an outlet to say "hello world!"