Encouragement for Creating a Blog

Last year there was a buzz in the blogging world about: blogs. Will they continue? Are they losing traction? Is video the way to go? Do people care if they don't comment?

I do see a shift toward blogs as a brand and not just the blog/website itself. Social media has a powerful influence. With that said: blogs and websites are still vital: they are the home base. The place people visit to learn more information, see a full recipe, and learn about the writer. They are where you store your parenting tips, recipes, or marketing strategy. In short it has the potential to be your online portfolio!

have you ever thought of starting a blog? 5 tips for creating a blog and sticking with it!

When I hosted my first Facebook live video a few weeks ago, I received several blog start-up questions. I am here today to give some answers! And if you have more questions I would love to answer those too.

Below are 5 encouraging tips for creating a blog! 

1. Do What You Love

If you are going to write a site dedicated to renovation projects or recipes or marketing tips--make sure you feel a passion for it. And plan to stick with it for a while! It is natural for creativity to evolve into other outlets, but one thing I have definitely noticed in the blogging world is the drop off after a year or two.

Don't drop out!

Consistency is important both to your readers and to Google. So even if that means 1 new, high quality, blog post a week, plan for that! And if you love what you are writing about--that will be easy to accomplish.

2. It Takes Time To Grow

Are you friends with a blogging celebrity? If so your site will likely grow fast! But if you are like most of us, the regular people, it takes TIME and hard work. I recommend jotting down your stats and checking in every month or quarter. Chances are your social stats + analytics will show the site growing! Join some blogging facebook groups related to your interests. Make friends at local blogger meetups. Friends in the industry can give wonderful advice and encouragement.

have you ever thought of starting a blog? 5 tips for creating a blog and sticking with it!

3. Be Bold

If you are a blogger: you are your own PR agent, marketing professional, and designer. In your personal life--absolutely be humble. But, when it comes to the brand you are trying to grow, be bold! Make your social icons large and easy to connect. People will get lost on subtly, especially if they are quickly clicking over from Pinterest.

Want your favorite blog post to get seen on Facebook? Spend $5 to boost the post. it will be worth it. In short: a nicely designed site might get famous on its own, but more likely it has a partnership with a strong marketer who knows what people want. Put on your business hat, read up on trends, and apply them to your site branding.

And don't be afraid to reshare, relevant old content on social media. Consider breaking down content by seasons, for example I reshare lemonade and picnic basket blog posts at the beginning of summer.

4. Be Authentic

Whether you share your sweet parenting stories on your site, or choose to look at your blog as strictly business: being authentic in your voice and writing goes a really long way. It takes practice, but you will find your voice as you continue to write!

Reflecting about your personal life can be a beautiful thing, but beyond your close friends and family you need to think "outward." Consider telling a personal story first, then ask: have you experienced this? How can you relate? And maybe give some tips to people going through a similar situation.

5. Engage your Audience

If your site is dedicated to social media tips, you will do well on Twitter. If you are design focused with awesome photography--you'll grow on Instagram. Marketers generally do well on Facebook and Pinterest. Use your strength to drive traffic to your blog.

For me, I connect the most personally through Snapchat and Instagram. They aren't the biggest traffic drivers, but I consider them my "friends" audience. Most of my site traffic comes from Facebook and Pinterest and I see those visitors as newer friends: I don't know them as well, and accordingly try to be more professional with my captions and text.