A Mid-Summer Hello

Can you believe it is already mid-July? I tend to be a bit more nostalgic in the summer. Perhaps it is the slowing down, or the little visits to see family, or vacations. I find it to be such a good time to reflect on life.

Working from home the day to day isn't super exciting...unless you count drinking coffee-wearing yoga pants-and multitasking fun! I find looking back at the past few months helps ground me in what I'm doing in life, and how we are doing as a family too. So: a few highlights of our summer so far.

Painting the master bedroom. This has been on my to-do list for almost a year! It is finally happening, and I couldn't be happier with how it is turning out. I'll share after pictures on the blog once it is complete. For now, follow along on Snapchat and Instagram!

Blogger Photography Class. I've been getting more involved with the Charlotte Food Bloggers group. From the informative blogging brunch to last month's photography class with Asharae Kroll, I love learn things locally without going to a conference every month. Talking shop with other food bloggers is pretty awesome too!

Family Visits. We've visited both sets of grandparents this summer, along with my grandparents (GGMA and Papa Jack.) Family brings me joy and I'm so happy we are able to connect. When we lived in Minnesota we did not see family often, it is such a gift! I loved picking blueberries with my Grandaddy and my daughter. We used his blueberries a few months ago to make a blueberry syrup that that is oh-so-good. 

Family Vacation. We took a small family vacation 3 hours south to Charleston, SC. It is absolutely beautiful there and entrenched with history. We enjoyed the ocean, the aquarium, and the USS Yorktown museum. Already daydreaming about our next visit (it might just become a yearly tradition!) Though I have to give a disclaimer that humidity is real (hashtag frizzy hair) and your best plan visiting Charleston in the summer is to stay near or in water!

Have you had any fun trips this summer, or hope to tackle a new hobby? I'd love to hear about it!