thrifted thonets

Friday morning I asked our kids, "want to go to the library or the thrift store?" Their response, "Thift store! they have toys there!" What smart, thrifty kids.. I went looking for picture frames and ended up with 4 chairs. That is always how it works!

I bought the set for under $10, I couldn't pass it up. They need some tightening but overall are in great shape.

I've done a little research--the tag has a zipcode which probably makes them 1960s or newer. 

They match the style of the No. 18 Bentwood Cafe chair. Its actually rather confusing, some No. 18's have a circular shape under the seat, ours has more of a swoop. What do you think? Are they valuable? 

update // we used them for a few months and then resold. Hope to find more soon!