when home isn't home.

We've lived in Minnesota for five years, and I've had a lot of time to mull over this. You see, home in my heart is sweet tea, sunshine, and spanish moss. 

Stopping by to see grandparents. Toast and bacon gravy. The first five years of my live we lived directly on the salt water bluffs. Up until college I lived less than an hour from the ocean. 
Photos from our March 2012 Vacation, St. Simons Island GA.

I never ever would have guessed we'd live in Minnesota. We go for days below 0 in January. I find myself trying to understand Minnesota's Swedish traditions. That our kids need to bring separate shoes from their boots when they go to preschool. That their gloves should be waterproof, and jackets lined with down.
Our home, Winter 2010/2011

We live 20 hours from family. Now that we have two kids over the age of two, flying "home" means four plane tickets. Our visits with family are few and far between. I hope I don't come across as melodramatic. Lee and I have a beautiful place to live. Good friends. A great place to raise a family. Its our home. 
And God gently reminds me when I am quiet and alone, earthly home is temporary. This is temporary. I may never get the chance to live near family again. Its painful, but God is showing me that life is more than daily comfort. That I should trust in Him. 

Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, his greatness is unsearchable. Ps 145:2-3 esv