minneapolis salvation army

There's a hidden gem in Minneapolis and it is in the basement of the Salvation Army. 

The basement is filled with material from Target: returns, overstock, clearance-items, product samples.

Maybe I'm a complete geek, but I loved finding sample stickers.

Kinsey discovered the purses.  She claimed the bright orange one as her own for $2.

They have a large selection of children's clothing. I found a lot of baby and big-kid things, not as much preschool-age clothes. I imagine each week looks different.

They sell Target shower curtains, window panels, lamp bases, and pillows. This would be the perfect place to shop for dorm decor.

My friend Amanda first told me about it, this was my second visit and I am hooked. It was a fun way to spend an otherwise dreary Monday morning with baby girl. 

If you live near Minneapolis it is worth a visit!