a thrifted typewriter

Once a week a dear friend and I take turns watching each other's kids for an hour or two. The kids love the playtime and we get to run a few errands every other week. A few weeks ago I finished grocery shopping and stopped by a small thrift store near my friend's house.

The sale's associate welcomed me and shared that everything in the store was 90% off. The store was closing and it was only open for one more day. I scooped up a few craft supplies for the kids then headed to the back of the store. I spotted this vintage typewriter complete with the original key and hard case. 

Now I am the proud owner of a vintage Olympia typewriter. Made in West Germany in 1957. Overall in good condition though likely the ribbon needs to be replaced and the keys stick a bit. And to be honest I have no idea how to use it! 

Last week I visited my Grandparents. My Grandma was missing an old dress and I offered to climb in the attic to look for it. I didn't find the dress but I discovered a box of vintage books. Among them a College Typewriting book from 1941.

I am hopeful it will teach me how to type on a typewriter. I plan to start on Page One! Do you have any typewriting tips or know of any online tutorials?