Vintage Shopping with Kids

This morning baby girl and I went to a few estate sales. I usually go to sales solo, but she is four now and I thought it would be fun to try a few sales with her while her big brother was at school. Here are a few tips that helped make a great morning! 

Pack Snacks 

So important! I packed an abundance of snacks for the car to prevent low-blood sugar while shopping. Hand wipes are helpful too, the sellers do not want sticky fingers on antiques! 

Provide a Task

Little ones enjoy having a job to do. Our daughter mostly hunted for children's books and puzzles. And she loved carrying her finds around while we shopped.

Avoid Delicates 

Skipping the dining rooms made for a more pleasant shopping experience. It wasn't worth the risk of walking through a room filled with crystal. This point definitely depends on your child's age and maturity!

Short Guidelines 

Little ones don't need a long list of rules. A few short ones will do! Our daughter's two rules today were "don't touch the shiny objects" (aka breakable) and stay close to Momma.

Compliment and Reward 

Praise children for a job well done! Kinsey found and purchased a tiny bell at the first sale and proudly carried it in her pocket all day.

A Quick Exit 

When the mood changes wrap up the shopping and head for the exit. We visited two sales today. The first sale went really well, and the second sale was crowded and overwhelming. Watch for your little one's limits and respect their need to take a break of leave the sale.


Kinsey and I found some great pieces today! My favorite is a little suitcase from the 1930s. I think I am going to keep it as a prop. Do you have any tips? Do you shop vintage with little ones? Remember to relax and have fun!!