saying goodbye to home

After almost seven years in Minnesota we are preparing our goodbyes.

It is very much bittersweet to leave our friends and our first home. Many of our friends here have known our little ones since they were babes. And our home, we made it our own. We remodeled rooms and painted and laid flooring. It is an incredibly special place. And at the same time it is very apparent this is God's answer to our prayers regarding our family.

Our family lives in the Southeast and over the past few years God put an increasing desire in our hearts to live closer to family. So we prayed, and we prayed, and prayed. The answer was not an immediate yes. And the answer could have been no. We trusted God in that. But Lee and I were aligned in all of it and Lee recently accepted an offer in North Carolina.

This is a huge life change for us! The blog and shop will be quiet during the transition, but I will post updates on instagram, twitter + facebook! I plan to keep the shop will stay open through May 1st. Please continue to pray for our family as we make plans to move across country, list our home, and find a new home. Happy Friday everyone!