Alt Summit and plans for the future

I attended Alt Summit last week: my first blogging and design conference! My goals were simple: connect and be inspired. I enjoy a great community of online and instagram friends, but I desired meeting fellow design-minded, entrepreneurial friends in person.

I was encouraged from noon to night with the conversations and the conference sessions. I met online friends in person (hi friends!) including Jeran of Oleander and Palm, Mariah of Oh, What Love Studios, and Amy of Amy Hackworth Writes. And made great new friends including my roommates Conni of Art in the Find and Courtney of Courtney Khail Watercolors.

with my fabulous roommates  Courtney  (l) and  Conni  (r)

with my fabulous roommates Courtney (l) and Conni (r)

Now I am going to try and summarize what I see for the future of Tag & Tibby.. [ps] written on a red-eye overnight flight from Salt Lake back to Atlanta and hopefully coherent!!

Work smart.

I left the conference challenged and encouraged in my strategy for Tag&Tibby. Pass out business cards without hesitation. Introduce myself to local businesses and magazines. Partner with other bloggers and collectively pitch ourselves to a large brand. Host a giveaway with fellow bloggers. Know the brand's elevator pitch. 

taken during Alt's photo styling design camp

taken during Alt's photo styling design camp

Ask for help.

Martha (yes! Martha Stewart. I so admire her tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit!) spoke on this topic. It is impossible to do everything and do it well. I consider caring for my family my primary role. And I also have a passion for this site. This is a way for me to use my design background with passion and work from home with a flexible schedule.

The titles "stay at home" and "work outside the home" frustrate me. Moms love their families. What that looks like in each family will be different. We all work whether we are paid or unpaid. 

view from our hotel. beautiful Salt Lake City!

view from our hotel. beautiful Salt Lake City!

Plans for the fall. 

We close on our new house in early July (horray!) This fall I want to share about making the new home our own with approachable design solutions. The challenge this time is creating a vintage-modern space in a 1990s-style traditional home. Our decisions will continue to be budget friendly. I will pursue thrift stores, update with paint, and create simple diy projects.

For the Etsy shop: I enjoy working with my loyal buyers and the selling community. Because it is simply not possible to accomplish everything in a week, I plan is to simplify the shop and list 10-15 curated vintage pieces per month.

shopping at Decades, a cute vintage clothing shop in SLC

shopping at Decades, a cute vintage clothing shop in SLC

I hope that as Tag&Tibby grows, this blog will continue to be a casual place to visit. I like chatting about my family, design trends, paint colors, and how all of it looks in daily life.

Did you go to Alt? What was your favorite takeaway? What would you like to see for Tag&Tibby this fall? I would love ideas!!